The Advantages of Landscape Design

Planting some trees and flowers in the yard is fine, but yards can be incredible spaces that add to the enjoyment and value of the home. It can be difficult for homeowners to scan the yard and see its full potential. Where a homeowner sees a patio, a landscaper may see an outdoor fireplace or kitchen. Uneven spaces may seem useless, but they can be enhanced with retaining walls that include built-in seating.


A small backyard is sometimes left alone because the owner has no idea what to do with it, or thinks it is not worth the time. A professional landscaper can arrive at the home, assess the space, and create a few options. The landscape design may include features that the owner never thought possible.

A patio, for example, may seem like it would take up the entire space. Placing it in a corner and positioning it into a triangle will provide plenty of space for furniture and maybe even a small grill or a decorative planter. A garden, water feature, or sandbox for the kids can be added opposite the patio.

Large Yards

So often a large yard goes unused. There may be a birdbath off to the side, or a natural fence of shrubs in the front, but the rest may be simply well-manicured lawn. It may look nice, but is also boring. Explore all the avenues available to make the yard an extension of the home. Have a gazebo built in the middle of the lawn so family can enjoy the warmer weather without too much sun exposure.

Consider a pool, or a fireplace. If the back is sloped, add a waterfall in the center with rocks and greenery on the side. Not only will it be peaceful and relaxing, it will create habitat for small wildlife. A highly trained and experienced eye can help design a yard that is unique, stunningly beautiful, and will becoming a selling point if the home ever goes on the market.

Property Value

An innovative design in the yard can increase property value as much as a second bathroom, or a home theater inside the home. People like to be able to relax, entertain, or simply enjoy the beauty of a yard with a unified design. It does not all have to be completed at once. The project can be broken up into stages for scheduling or budgetary purposes.