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Anchor Chains and Factors that Affect the Integrity of an Anchoring System

There is a lot that goes into buying a boat. It is possible that in a rush to buy one, you overlooked the idea of anchoring it. You need such a system if you are to secure your investment at the harbor. You need an appropriate anchor line for the kind of anchor you shall get. There are many kinds of boat anchor lines or chains in the market, each serving a specific purpose. There are those that are ideal for large boats, while others that are best utilized on smaller vessels. Some large ones can only be carried along by ships. You, therefore, need to know which one suits your boat.
You need to first think of the size of your boat in this purchase. A small boat will rely on a smaller anchor. The chain attaching these two parts, therefore, will have to be proportional. There is also the fact that a larger vessel may need more than one anchor, meaning the need for more chains.
The weight of the boat is another issue. The anchor size matters when you think of the weight of the boat. The chain also has some weight that adds onto the anchor’s as one unit. Therefore, when contemplating upon the appropriate size, you need to factor in the weight of the anchoring system.
There is also the option of getting more than one anchoring system, which will need smaller anchors and chains. The boat will still be anchored just as well as if it was one large system. There are other advantages to having more than one anchoring system. You get to keep the proper weight of the boat. There shall also be a reduced swing circle for the boat. This means that the boat will be stationary on either end when you pack it at the harbor.
The water, where the boat shall be sailing, is an important factor. These chains are made of metal, some of which react faster to salt water than to fresh waters. The kind of water you shall be sailing most times in dictates the type of metal your chains shall be made of. Stainless steel chains, for example, do not do well in salt water, as they oxidize and corrode easily. If you are also moving about in shallow waters, you do not need to buy such long chains.
You need to also look at how strong the metal is. Those anchoring in deeper waters need strong chains. Anything weaker can get broken easily by the undercurrents. The weight of the anchor has to be factored in also. A heavy anchor shall need a strong chain to pull it out of the water.

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